Rana's Reflections

A place for INSPIRATIONS through REFLECTIONS:                                                                                   INSPIRATIONS leads to HOPE;                                                                                                   

My Story!

Life has destinations, many, many destinations.

Ever travelled on a road with curves, where it's impossible to see what's ahead. Isn't life like that, curvy and impossible to see what's far ahead. You make a choice however, a choice to keep driving.

You keep going, you don't stop in the middle of the road. Shouldn't life be approached the same way, what's ahead is not always visible to us. In fact we are mostly blinded. It's the unknown, do we give up or keep going? We're faced with choices. Which choice do we make?

Hi there, I'm Surana. Welcome to my page, my brand Rana Reflections was birthed from my name. My thoughts & reflections turned into Inspirations and Motivations to share with you. I was born & raised in Grenada (not to be confused with Granada). It's a small Island in the Caribbean and English is our first language. I migrated to the United States at 17 to be with family.

Like many of you, I drove on that road. What started as beautiful sunny days sometimes turned into stormy and some dark days on others. It was & still is a bumpy ride but the Sunset ahead is amazing. Come on in, buckle up and ride with me.

First Years In The United States

It was a major culture shock arriving in New York. From the very tall buildings, crowded places and trash every where it was a lot to adapt too. English is my first language, however common names for things are different.(eg: sweets- candies, biscuits- cookies, colour-color and so much more) Pronunciation of words and phrases was also challenging. I had to adjust and fast.


Started High School in September 1989, after standard test I was placed in the 12th grade. That allowed me to complete the basic American history classes and other mandatory classes. I made friends and learn a lot by attending school. June 1990, I gradutaed with my new found class mates at Wingate High.


Fast forward to applying too & getting accepted to my first College/ Kingsborough Community College. Also found out I was pregnant a couple of months after. Here I was almost 2 years later, after arriving in the States-HS completed, starting college and pregnant.

I attended classes until I was no longer able too. In September of 1991 my daughter was born. I was someone's mom.